One of a Kind
Jewelery Handmade in Portugal

Feel free, express your uniqueness 

with bespoke

hair clips, necklaces and earrings

feather style meets hand engraving art

One of a Kind
Jewelery Handmade in Portugal

Feel free, express your uniqueness

with pure and one of kind

hair extensions, necklaces and earrings.

Feather Styles meets Hand engraving art

We are a handcraft studio in the heart of Algarve

The feather is a piece of art created by nature that is always unique and gives you your personal look. Birds in all their wonderful colours and shapes stand for us for freedom and independence. Combined with engraving and high quality material, we invite you to wear your own individual and unique jewelery.

Your OhOh Team

What We Offer

Hair Clips

Wonderful feather jewelry that you can simply stick in the hair. Feather stand for freedom and lightness and connect you with nature. Nature creates beautiful pieces of art with which you can decorate yourself.

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With a not only beautiful but also with special ideas keyed out necklace that reflects your individual touch, it becomes your favorite piece.


Lovingly designed earrings for your whole appearance.

Free Spirit collection unique pieces of art
We love to create fun-loving and beautiful jewelery that shows your uniqueness and freedom. Our jewelery will find your heart and express your personality. Each piece is one of a kind and belongs only to you.

Do you want to order your favorite piece of jewelery or you wish a personal design?

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